2020 USPA Oregon State Bench Press Holder

2019 Southern Oregon’s Strongest Man 1st Place

2015 Eugene Marathon Finisher

Fitness Achievements

Heavyweight Champ: Brass Knuckles Promotions & F.C.F.F

Light Heavyweight Champ: Battle in the Burg

Jiu-jitsu Brown Belt

Martial Arts Accomplishments

Scot Davenport

ISSA Personal Training Certificate

ISSA Body Building Specialist Certificate

IART High Intensity Training Specialist

USPA Oregon State Bench Press Holder

Author of Scot Strong and Mixed Martial Arts

Scot grew up in the Santa Cruz, California area and now lives in Southern Oregon with his beautiful wife Ashley, daughter Sophie, and their dogs Wilder and Lissa.

Scot is a competitive Strongman and Mixed Martial Arts Champion. Ashley is a 3rd degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and was an Instructor for America’s Best Kids/Karate for over a decade. Sophie is a teenager who is still learning what her fitness niche in this world will be.

Scot and Ashley met at Jiujitsu class at Higs Gym in Central Point, Oregon through a mutual friend and karate world champion Ivan Roman. At one time our goals were to be competitive and individually the best, however, now our goal is to perpetuate the growth of fitness and martial arts through passing on what we have learned.

Scot and Ashley’s love of fitness, business and martial arts is how Davenport Barbell, LLC and The Underground Sound Podcast began.