Mental Aspect of Training

The Mental Aspect to Achieving Your Goals

Countless people ask me for advice on training, what to eat, and just what to do in general. I love to talk about achieving fitness goals, so I’m always very open to sharing with others what has or hasn’t worked for me. Most people I talk to never follow through with the advice I give […]


The Metabolism Part 3: Nutrition

The third aspect of metabolism we can alter is the nutritional aspect. We want the metabolism to fire full speed, feed muscle, and burn fat. Every diet method, such as the atkins diet, keto diet, paleo diet, zone diet, intermittent fasting, etc., works within the laws of thermodynamics. The conservation law states that the total […]

New Member Series

If it isn’t broken don’t fix it!

If you have your plan established and it is producing results, stick with it. There is no reason to change exercises or repetitions only for the sake of change; however, if you are not progressing, this is precisely the time for a change of some sort. How do you know what to change? Let me […]