Training Update

I competed in the Open Superheavyweight Class in bodybuilding exactly one year to the day from my Novice bodybuilding competition in the heavyweight class. I had the same placing, second place but this time I was in a harder division. I weighed in at 232 lbs. My weight was up 26 lbs. from my 206 lbs. a year prior. Leading up to and at the second competition I wasn’t quite as lean but I was heavily muscled and much stronger in the gym.

In my Novice competition, I was bench pressing 315 lbs. for 6 reps, barbell rowing 315 lbs. for 6 reps, and military pressing 100 lbs. dumbbells for 17 reps. These staple exercises in my training routine are my favorites. I was also doing box squats because I’ve had hip issues for a long time and have been unable to squat but I believe I’ve sorted that out! 

In my Open Superheavyweight competition, I switched to an instinctive style of training so I might train back one day then 2 days later train back again and 2 days later train back again. I trained whatever I felt like training on any given day rather than sticking to a schedule such as a chest on Monday back on Tuesday etc. In my training for the competition, I could bench press 475 lbs., 400 x 10 reps, 315 x 22 reps, and 225 x 50 reps all at around 230 lbs. body weight. I also barbell rowed 500 lbs., 440 x 6 reps, and 315 x 15 reps. I easily performed military press with 100 lbs. dumbbells.

After the competition, I regained my ability to squat. I did 600 lbs. box squats in the buildup to the competition, but it wasn’t until after the competition that I was able to full squat again. I was diagnosed with femoral impingement and simply could not squat to depth. With the help of a fellow gymgoer at the gym, I train at I discovered I could squat ATG with literally no pain! How did I do it? I squat with a narrow stance and with my toes pointed forward. I’m excited to see where this takes me as I plan on squatting 600 lbs., bench pressing 500 lbs., and deadlifting 700 lbs. in a local powerlifting meet at 242 lbs. bodyweight or within that division anyway. 

My wife has also encouraged me to compete in bodybuilding again so only time will tell what the future holds! Thanks for following Davenport Barbell God bless and Godspeed!

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