The Metabolism Part 3: Nutrition

The third aspect of metabolism we can alter is the nutritional aspect. We want the metabolism to fire full speed, feed muscle, and burn fat. Every diet method, such as the atkins diet, keto diet, paleo diet, zone diet, intermittent fasting, etc., works within the laws of thermodynamics. The conservation law states that the total energy is constant. Energy can be transformed from one form to another but can be neither be created nor destroyed. This means that something cannot come from nothing. Therefore, if you gain muscle mass or body fat, it must come from somewhere. 

Every weight loss plan supplies fewer calories than are being burned by the metabolism to lose weight. You can manipulate your diet by decreasing either carbohydrates, protein, or fats to lose body fat. Still, each serves its purpose, and it’s important to know what purpose that is before you manipulate your nutrition plan. 

  • Carbohydrates cause your body to release insulin which transports sugars into glucose which is the energy source needed to fuel your brain and muscles. Your body can convert protein or fat into glucose, and this happens on the keto diet, but it is an inefficient method for meeting your body’s glucose needs. I do not exclude carbohydrates; instead, I only utilize what is needed to fuel my brain and perform the anaerobic activity. 
  • Protein is used by the body to build muscle. Whether your goal is to lose fat or gain muscle, protein is essential for the diet. You can spare muscle by consuming excess carbohydrates and fats, but that will not build muscle. To build muscle, you must consume plenty of protein and ensure you are getting in all the different amino acids required to build muscle. For example, whole eggs have all the amino acids necessary to build muscle.
  • Fats are used as energy in the body after they are broken down into fatty acids, and they help with making hormones, so they are vital. Your heart is the only muscle in the body that runs on fat, and that’s why aerobic exercise burns fat. 

Everything, carbs, protein, and fats work in harmony. The protein builds the muscle, which creates the metabolism, the carbohydrates fuel the muscles, and the fat supports the muscle through the heart.

If you eat excessive calories of any form, protein, carbohydrates, or fats, first they will be used for whatever their primary function is as glucose or to build muscle, and the excess will be stored as fat in the body. I can go into great depth on the subject, but there’s no need to. It’s better to keep it simple. Eat enough protein to build muscle, eat enough carbohydrates to have energy for anaerobic activities like lifting weights, and eat enough fats to keep all the systems working correctly. If you are gaining fat, then lower your calories and increase activity levels. 

In the next series, I’ll be going over the mindset required to achieve your goals.

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