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The Value in Volume

To grow and become stronger, you also must rest and recover. Training breaks you down and takes energy. So, why train? Why not just rest and recover? The reason is you must stimulate an adaptation. Training is the stimulus that causes your body to adapt. However, training is a negative factor taking energy and requiring recovery, so keep it to a minimum. The most innovative way to train is to do the minimum amount to cause an adaptation, recovery, and repeat. 

When you lift weights and break down your muscles simultaneously, you are training your neurological system to develop coordination and skill in the task you are performing. This makes you more skilled and efficient at the activity you are partaking in. There’s an art and balance to what is taking place in your training, breaking down the muscles and developing skills. While we want to keep the volume to a minimum for recovery purposes, we also want to maximize volume for neurological skill development. 

How do we do this? The first method to perform plenty of warmup sets to prime the main set muscles and central nervous system. Do plenty of warmup sets on the way up to your main top set. Then you can switch to drop sets back down after your main top set. Let’s use the bench press as an example. Ultimately you are doing one set at your maximum weight, but the warmup and drop set count just as much. Another method of performing more volume is supersets, tri-sets, and giant sets. 

Why train this way? The biggest, most built men I have ever trained with used these training methods to get in more work in a shorter period. A superset is simply performing one exercise directly after another. You can do supersets with the same muscle groups or different ones. For example, you could do a set of barbell curls followed immediately by a set of dumbbell curls; this is a superset. Or you could do exercises for different muscle groups like curls followed immediately by triceps press downs. A tri-set is three exercises in a row with no rest in between movements. For example, Arnold presses followed by curls followed by dips. A giant set is performing four or more exercises in a row with no rest in between workouts.

Doing more sets increases the mind-muscle connection. You become connected to the muscle and the function and action of the muscle. Do as many sets of exercises in the gym using drop sets, supersets, tri-sets, and giant sets to discover your limitations! The more sets you do, the more calories you burn as well, and you will get leaner much easier. 

The Davenport Barbell logo is a man performing a snatch, the most technically skilled movement a person could perform. Olympic weightlifters will perform this single movement for hours on end every single day to master it. Mastery of action is the art of training, and it is done through repetition. Olympic weightlifters will perform full repetition squats with maximum poundage every single day in their training. What is essential to understand is the development of neurological skills more so than the development of the body’s muscle mass; therefore, Olympic weightlifters are often not very physically developed but can perform incredible physical feats and displays of strength and skill. The snatch is the single most remarkable display of physical power a human can perform and requires great skill. The discipline needed to master such a feat of strength requires passion, love, dedication, heart, and soul. It is an expression of art, and why it is so admired in the Olympic games, it is an expression of the human spirit. Get out in the gym and start expressing yourself through movement! 

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